Michigan Tax .. Where Did It GO

1 February 2019
Michigan Roads
Grants for Private Interest Projects
First lets cover this on-going issue of the Michigan road conditions and the conversation about how are we going to fund these repair projects.
I am going to go back to the years just after moving into the Ann Arbor area. Lets’ say, sometime shortly after 1997, It could have been 1998. The subject of road conditions was a buzz in the news and I recall at that time, the Michigan government, introduced an additional tax on gasoline to pay for fixing the roads.. So my question is, “what happened to that money?” Did it disappear or has our elected officials managed to redirect the funds for some other purpose over the years?

HUMMMMM does this sound familiar? During the 2018 gubernatorial campaign we heard, “I am going fix the roads”. Not exactly the words used by the winning candidate, but close enough..
This morning I was watching the FOX 2 news and guess what? Their’re talking in Lansing about a $0.40 Tax on a gallon with some qualifier about over the next 10 years.
What happened to the tax levied back in the 90’s that was supposed to maintain the roads.. Our Michigan government should come clean and tell the public how much of to-days gasoline cost per gallon is TAX.

I am going to tell you readers what got me fired up about something I was not aware of prior to an incident that happened to me, I think back in 2016.
I had stopped at the local grocery store in Dexter Michigan and as I was walking towards the front door I noticed a lady sitting at a table with a sign that had a picture of an old house that I recognized was located just outside downtown on the west side. As I approached the lady asked if I would like to donate to help restore this farm house that had been given or donated to the city. There was a group of people working on the restoration project. Going on to say that it was an old farm house that they wanted to restore as a historic part of the community or something to that affect. I said sure and as I was reaching for my wallet the lady went on to tell me that they were so happy to have received a grant from the State of Michigan of $75,000.
My immediate response was “now you have made me mad. …my tax dollars should not be used to fund private interest projects.”.
I still gave $20.00 to help with the project, but using my or any persons tax money for private projects is something that should not be permitted. The tax payer in Traverse City has absolutely no interest in a farm house being restored by a group of individuals in Deter Michigan. Nor should it be any business of our politicians.
The reason I am venting my irritation about such stupid expenditures of our tax dollars is because this past week they were interviewing a lady on the channel 2 news that was speaking about the church where Aretha Franklin used to attend. Saying that they were planning to put a mural/painting on the side of the church and they were accepting donation to fund the project.
She also went on to say that they were applying to the State to declare the church as a historic site or whatever, so they could apply for a grant to cover some of cost. Here again why should the tax payers of Michigan be strapped paying for this special interest groups pet project..
Grants for private groups for anything that does not have potential benefit to the general population of this state, the United States or the world should not be placed on the desk of our Politian’s.

TAX DOLLARS collected from the citizens of this state, or any state, should only be used to finance the goods and services provided to the general population of this state, Not special interest groups with pet projects.
Seventy five thousand to restore a house that a handful of people even care about, would be better spent to “fix the damn roads”. Not to mention the coming request to foot the bill of the church in Detroit to commemorate Aretha Franklen.. It is nice that people want to remember her, but this should not be a billed to the tax payers of this state..

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