The Presidents Calls for Tariffs

I want to express my opinion regarding his call for 25% tariffs on goods from China.

First of all, the news media as well as those associated with all the different forms of media that proclaim to be “experts” should bow out of the conversations all together.

In the second place, does anyone believe that our representatives in both houses of government would vote or support instantly raising the cost of living for the American Public by 25%?  We may not give them much credit these days or for that matter for years of being able to act like responsible law makers. But this just isn’t going to happen.

The president has ulterior motives for suggesting such action in order to get something else accomplished. Whether it’s South America, Europe, or Asia, everyone should just back off from any speculation. Our government is notorious for throwing up smoke screens or outright lying in order to manipulate the US people and foreign governments.

I fully expect this subject to fall to the wayside. I’m involved in the importing goods from China and when I’ve reviewed the bills from the freight companies and see generally see 5% or less duty charges. I have thought to myself we should charge more. However, when you take the whole process into account, the imported goods sold in US stores are subject to Sales Taxes, Income tax, social security tax and pay our salaries. The earned incomes are spent paying for homes, education, cars, entertainment, and food. So indirectly the US government gets it money.

The big picture says there is no reason to raise import duties. What is the purpose? There isn’t one that makes any sense; is there?

So the president can boast he will decrease the trade deficit by $150 billion. Be careful of numbers… so in-turn he will increase the cost of living for all Americans and cripple the farmers that export to one of the largest population in the world.

Would the president be willing to face the anger of the American public? I really don’t think so.


Have a Nice Day J

How far back was it that bank’s were for the most part deregulated?

Basically 1995 under the Clinton administration. Not only did this start the loaning of money in excess of value, but allowed banks to jump into the securities business. The prime rate was around 7.5%. between 1995 thru 2000.

If you recall you probably received many offers from banks and lending intuitions in your mail to refinance your home at a lower interest rate and could get as much as 130% of appraised value. I myself took advantage three times between 2000 and 2004 , refinanced my home at the time at the lowering interest rates. I advised anyone who would listen to not go for taking money out because most of the loan offers were at the rates offered with a 5 year balloon. I believe most people who took the lending intuitions up on these offers never considered this fact and believed the low interest rates would stay steady. Between 2000 and 2002 interest rates had dropped from about 7.5% to 4% the rates stayed pretty much steady until mid 2004 when these loans were starting to come to the end of their 5 year balloons and then the Prime rate started a steady climb from 2004 thru mid 2006 topping at about 7% the housing / bank crash in 2008. Bailout program of 2009 of the automakers. A whole lot of things fell apart because of the banking industry pulling a fast one at the expense of the average and lower income Americans.. Don’t get me wrong a lot of the useless debt was sold to the European financial intuitions.

On top of all the disaster caused by our banking industry, banks were finally permitted to offer investments in the stock markets.. so together with the falling Federal prime rate that began in 2007 through 2009where it hit bottom we now have another pot doomed to failure.

So now we have banks that can borrow money cheap the offer .01% to their depositors and Oh! By the way, we have these stock and mutual funds you can put you money into to make some money,,, maybe.
So now we have the situation where we as depositors make nothing on money we keep in the us banks, but the banks have full use of our money to make home loans, car loans etc. at 6 to 20%

Banks should not be allowed to pay less or next to nothing to use your money than they would have to pay to any other capital source. At worst case they should have to pay Prime Plus 1 or 2 % by law..

Another idea I had is that our federal government should set up a savings program for people over 65 years of age to deposit their money and earn 6% ..

This aging group has been steering funds into investment and you heard it here first this is another day of reckoning that is on the horizon.. Senior citizens should not have to risk their hard earned savings for retirement in the stock markets. The only people making money coming and going are the brokerage houses and banks.