17 December 2018 Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. Really? The government of the United States of America has meddled in the elections of foreign governments since who knows when. I am really shocked at the arrogance of our elected officials suggesting that we should waste our elected official’s time and our tax money to prove or disprove this alleged activity. Even wi going back to after the end of world war II, let me bring this to your attention… Taken from : “The CIA ended its involvement in Radio Free Europe’s financing and operation in 1971, and control was transferred to a Board for International Broadcasting appointed by the U.S. president”. More Information: Available to anyone on the internet… RADIO FREE EUROPE. RFE/RL MISSION COMMUNIST RESPONSE THE EARLY COLD WAR YEARS DÉTENTE AND THE COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM BIBLIOGRAPHY Radio Free Europe (RFE), established in 1949, and Radio Liberty (RL), established in 1951, were the most successful propaganda vehicles of American psychological warfare during the four decades of the Cold War. The radio stations run by the United States government contributed to a great extent to the survival of democratic values and desire for freedom among the people of …

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